Who is the best wedding photographer in India? Part 1

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The simple answer to who is the best wedding photographer in India is the one who gives you your dream wedding album.

There are two things that are absolutely necessary to create the most perfect dream wedding album. One is the best wedding photographer in India you can get (in your budget of course) and the other is the telling of the wedding story. Well, these two are intertwined. Be it a simple temple wedding or a grand destination wedding, the best wedding photographer always captures those candid moments that make for fine story telling.

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So, who is the best wedding photographer in India?

There are plenty of wedding photographers in India. Nearly all of them claim to be the best of candid wedding photographers. How do we pick the best wedding photographer?  Do they have a degree in photography? Have they taken 1 million wedding photographs till date? Do they have top of the range cameras? Or, are they simply people who have an eye that frames the perfect picture and tells a lovely story? My answer is: The best wedding photographer is one that understands light and follows relationships.

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Here’s a simple exercise you can try to sift through the lot and pick the best wedding photographer suited to you. All you need is a sibling, friend or cousin who will do you a small favor. Follow these simple steps and you are not only guaranteed your dream wedding album, but also a wonderful memory of creating it. You need to :

1) Identify about a handful of photographers in India in your budget.

2) Ask a friend to remove the photographer’s logo and print only one 5” x  8’” wedding picture of each photographer. (This would cost Rs 5/- per pic.)

3) Play judge with your fiancé and pick your favorite wedding photograph and talk about the story behind it. The picture you talk about the most is the picture that tells the most story.

4) Ask your friend to reveal the photographer/photo company.


This way, you have picked the wedding photographer in India within your budget that stood out according to your tastes, without going through hundreds of pictures. You have also involved your friend and your fiancé in the process.

Try this exercise and let the team at Bridal Safari know how it went. We would love to hear your story.

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Coming next: An easy-to-use checklist before hiring a wedding photographer.