Who is the best wedding photographer in India? Part 2 – A Bridal Safari Checklist


Kanika & Ricky-106This article will take you one step closer to finding the best wedding photographer in India. The team at Bridal Safari came up with a checklist for couples before signing on a wedding photographer.


Sushmita & Ross-Kolkata-wedding-photography-7Bridal Safari’s official checklist to identify the best wedding photographer in India says, he/she must:

1) Fit your budget. A successful Indian wedding is one that has a clearly defined wedding budget. The same rules apply to wedding photography. The budget earmarked for wedding photography album, cinematography, photos and videos must be clearly defined. The photography service you hire must fit this budget. Remember, it’s the best wedding photographer in India in the budget, not the most. A few amazing pictures are way more precious than a lot of average ones.

2) Be accessible and dependable at all times. A personal relationship with your wedding photographer is a must. You should have their mobile number and they should be available on Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Twitter. For small queries, they should be available on the phone and should reply back to your emails within 24hours. A few interactions will tell you about their relationship building skills.

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3)  Have pleasant manners and demeanor. As an extension to the relationship building skills of the wedding photographer, it is crucial that you spend a couple of minutes thinking about their behavior with your guests. You definitely want a photographer who is happy to be at your wedding and genuinely loves wedding photography. They should be tuned in to what’s going on. They should love interacting with people. Trust us, it will show in the pictures.

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4) Be a full-time wedding photographer. A part-time, or a general photographer has only a breath of knowledge. Only a full-time wedding photographer has in-depth knowledge of the entire spectrum of different types of indian weddings and various rituals and ceremonies involved. Furthermore, they anticipate moments and emotions at lot better than part-time or general photographers. Finally, they are not in the trade for a quick buck, they have dedicated themselves to the art and business of wedding photography. Hence, do your homework and hire only a full-time wedding photographer. Part-timers are too risky a preposition for your lifetime memories.

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5) Have genuinely good testimonials from previous weddings. Ask about the photographer’s previous weddings, about the pre-wedding couple shoots, about their process of generating ideas and about what the photographer has to say about weddings and couples in general. Remember, you want a positive and a pleasant approach. A wedding photographer who complains about others is likely to complain about you.

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6) Have a transparent approach. Make sure when receiving the wedding photography quote and package, the information given to you is consistent. The details should be the same in both spoken and written mediums.

7) Have a unique and consistent style. Part 1 of this article has a small exercise you can try to identify the wedding photographer that is most unique according to your tastes. To check for consistency, take time to go through their wedding albums. Discuss some of the pictures with your fiancé. The more you talk about a picture, the more story it tells.

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8) Uses top of the line equipment. Don’t hesitate to ask about their cameras, lighting and editing technologies. By asking, you will understand how confident they are about it. You will also be able to see how passionate they are about it, which is essential in this business. Do remember to ask about their back-up methods should something go wrong. This will tell you about their preparedness.

9) Should have a systematic process in place. Besides taking great photographs, they must sign a wedding photography contract to secure all your deliverable. This contract should include details about the duration of the photo shoot  and the number of photographs. It should also give details about the album and the payment. A professional website and blog is generally a good indicator of a systematic, serious and professional approach.

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So, this is Bridal Safari’s checklist to help couples identify the best wedding photographer in India. Next time, we are going to tell you all you need to know about a wedding photography contract and why you need one.

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