Getting the right look for you!

Ready to be hitched & clicked in Style?

Pre-wedding couples photoshoot is a perfect pre-knotty moment for you to be completely yourself and capture your private love story. It’s time to once again sweep your partner off their feet in style! This brings us to an important question – what is a perfect way to dress for the couples shoot? Often couples wonder should they dress casual? Should they match the colours of their outfits? should they go all out and dress in evening wear?

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The answer is – Its all about you and story you want to remember. You can make it as casual or formal as you would like it to be but don’t forget that you will always have these captured moments with you so its worth it to put a little thought and time into planning it. May be you want to dress in business wear to relive that first romantic office moment with your partner  or dress in royal evening wear for a candlelight dinner, or just wear smart casuals to be comfortable enjoy the photo shoot location. Whatever you decide to wear, here are the 3 important things to keep in mind to dress your best for the day: Colour, Style, and Body Type.

Colour that Compliments – First step in determining the colour of your outfits is to get colour analysis done for your skin by an experienced professional. Get to know whether you are a warm or a cool skin tone. These are two completely opposite colour pallets and if you happen to wear a wrong colour, it can make you look darker or pale no matter how beautiful the outfit is. For instance – Orange colour is for warm skin tone and Fuchsia Pink suits cool skin tones, pure white is for cool skin tones and cream white is for warm skin tones. A big misconception is that people with fair complexion can wear any colour..WRONG! Even fair people are categorised in cool and warm skin tone so do not take a guess at the colours that may or may not compliment you.warm-cool-colours

Secondly, try not to match your outfits as a couple. There is a difference between matching and coordinating. Your outfits can be well coordinated. For example – Khaki’s and Navy goes well together, Black and Red compliments each other, Pink and Blue goes together so you can pick two complimenting colours and coordinate your outfits for a great shot. Always remember to keep in mind the location and the background colours. If the photo shoot is in a garden, avoid wearing green, wear colours that will stand out from the background.

Style that Suits – Most important is for you to look like yourself that day. What do i mean by that? Well try not to pick up outfits that your friend likes or the one that an actress wore in a recent movie unless it really reflects your personality. So identify what is your personal style – what category do you fall under:


Classic – You like things by the book. Generally you shop for things that will last, you value reliability. Example of Classic Style are plain solid colours with classic style lines like the princess cut.

Dramatic – You love to put up a show, love getting noticed everywhere you go.
Example: Black and Neon Green colour combination with a diagonal cut line is a dramatic combination.

Romantic – You love the feel of the fabrics on your body. You like your garments to look and feel good. Bows, flowing sheer fabrics, and shine you love them all.

Natural –  You like to be comfortable period! it is all about feeling comfortable and relaxed for you. Linen Shirts and casual fitting dresses are your thing.image-0001 2

Your Body Your Rules –  There is no such thing as one style fits all. Every individual body shape is different, it is vital to identify your body type so you can pick the right styles to flatter your body. Here are the 5 body types and things to avoid for each of them:

Body Types

The Apple:

  • Avoid oversized or without shape
  • Avoid high neckline

The Rectangle: 

  • Avoid wearing belts at natural waistline
  • Try patterns that give illusion of shape 
– Try pleats or fabric with shape

The Pear:

  • Avoid side pockets or anything that enhances the hips/thighs
  • Try brighter colour or details on top and plain or darker colours on bottom

The Inverted Triangle:

  • Avoid ruffles, embroidery and bright coloured tops
  • Try skirt or shirts that flare at the bottom

The Hourglass:

  • Avoid loose shapeless clothing
  • Always wear garments that provide shape at the waistline

My suggestion is to avoid busy patterns and big prints. The idea is to capture you and your partner, so the focus should be your individuality and the romance between you.

What you wear must bring out the best of you!

The author of this post is Madhulika Verma who is a certified image consultant. You can reach out to her at