Should you hire a professional wedding photographer?

Mokshada & Karan-556A professional wedding photographer does one job and he does it best. So, the answer to the question is, yes. You do need to hire a professional wedding photographer. Actually, the logic here is simple. You will have one big day in your life. And, you will want to remember it forever. You will want the best photographs of the big day. And, only a professional wedding photographer can make that happen.  Simple as that!

Indian weddings, the ceremonies before and after and the parties can cost a bomb. Do you really want a friend or a cousin to take some snaps on their personal cameras? Your friend or cousin may oblige and do a good job. They may even click some really cool pictures. But, there still is a difference. While owning a fancy camera is not biggie, learning how to use one takes a lot of time and a lot of practice. And, unless you have dedicated all your time to doing just that, you will just not be able to get the professional look and feel. And, just what if, the camera suddenly stops working? Or, runs out of battery? A professional has lots of experience with this and knows how to handle the situation. They have plenty of backup and are always prepared.

Kolkata-wedding-photography-Taj-Bengal-Bengali-Wedding-6After the big day, a photographer spends weeks, editing and correcting the pictures. A friend, cousin or you are not going to have that kind of time and professional software. You are just going to let the pictures be, pushing it for a later date until they are forgotten. On the other hand, if you opt for a professional service, you can rest assured that your coffee table book will be ready in your hands before you know it.

There are photo-bombs and there are more photo-bombs. A professional wedding photographer, knows how to make a photo bomb work. An amateur may not. Imagine a very important photo bombed by the priest’s elbow! How would you ever recreate the moment and get the perfect picture? Trust us when we say, leave it to the professionals.

A professional wedding photographer invests in cutting edge equipment and technology. He has an in-depth understanding of light and frames. He knows how to make people at ease. And, he views his work as art. Furthermore, a full-time professional wedding photographer has a unique and consistent style that will make for wonderful storytelling.

Need one more reason to hire a professional wedding photographer? A good one will shower you with compliments and make you love your day. They highlight your best features and make you look like the best bride ever. Give us a call and we will show you how.